DO you have to Use County Court Bailiffs ?

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    DO you have to Use County Court Bailiffs ?


    I have applied for an accelerated possessions order on my tennant who recieves housing benefit. The judge has given me order of the property and has asked the tennant to move out on the 15th Dec. My next step is to fill in a N325 warrant and get the bailiffs in. As some of you may be aware from my previous postings the county court bailiffs are operating a Christmas Amnesty over the festive period and will not be evicting any one. So I could be looking at another 5/6 weeks before the Bailifs will evict.

    My question is under these circumstances is it possible to use other Bailiffs apart from the county court ones? If so would this invalidate any possession order made by the judge as I was under the impression we only can use the County court Bailiffs!

    Thanks in advance.


    I don't have the answer on this one - as far as I'm aware you have to use the county court bailiffs.
    However, in the circumstances you describe you need to do some investigating through the courts system and perhaps government to see if it's possible to use private bailiffs - see:
    Try asking the private bailiffs.
    I don't see how you can invalidate a possession order once it has been made, regardless of what you do?


      A very interesting article was written by Philip Hopkins, a solicitor (hope his name is right) in the Lettings Update Journal about 2 years ago on this very subject which gave guidelines as to how you can actually repossess the property yourself without the bailiff.

      Somewhere on the forum I went into details about this but can't locate it.
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