Urgent - Tenant Moving Out Now, What Do I Do?

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    Urgent - Tenant Moving Out Now, What Do I Do?

    I have a tenant that has been given notice that I intend to repossess.
    Court date has been set for 26th Nov.
    It looks as though she is moving out NOW, there are vans there & stuff is being taken out.
    I have a possible new tenant lined up but she would need to be in by end Oct
    Do I have to wait for court to hand property back?
    Can I ask current tenant to sign something to say she is moving out on "X" date so property is mine beforehand?
    Do I go ahead with court date to get CCJ for unpaid rent?

    Would really appreciate some urgent advice.

    Whatever happens you can't do any harm by getting tenant to formally hand back keys and sign something to say she is doing so today and that she formally surrenders the tenancy. That's what I would do - then check with others that its OK to enter etc
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      Thanks, I'll try and do that.


        obviously if you know where the tenant is going you can then continue to go after them for the unpaid rent...! Good luck.
        Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity, A modest manatee, that's me


          Lucky Sirus, what a lot of us would give to be in your position. She must give you the keys back otherwise you can't go in.


            what happened Sirius - did you get the keys??
            Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity, A modest manatee, that's me



              I Went and spoke to her, she claims she put a note through in my post box saying she'd be moving out, which I never got (Hey the CERN thingy in Switzerland DID create a small black hole after all!)

              She said she 'll move the rest of her stuff out this week, get the carpets cleaned on Thursday and her Dad down to mow the lawn.

              She told me she's moving in with her parents (But I have heard she's rented somewhere else - pity the person who didn't get a current landlord's reference) however she told me she would still be officially living there until the court date on 26 Nov.

              I suggested that if she handed keys back on 30th Sept and gave me a letter stating that she was moving out on 30th Sept I would not expect rent due after then that would stop her running up another 7 weeks of arrears.

              She seemed to think that would be ok, though whether or not it happens remains to be seen.

              Any further suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated.

              If she does hand keys back do i still need to go to court or will I have to start different proceedings and start again for reclaiming the unpaid rent?


                Well the carpets haven't been cleaned, she's not "living" there but still has furniture there and the council have suspended the housing benefit claim as on 20 Aug she wrote to them to tell them that she might be moving!

                She appears to be a serial liar.

                If I can get her to sign something saying she's moved out from 30 Sept. can I change locks even if she doesn't give keys back?


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