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    Need a new oven

    Just about to let out our first properyt and th eletting agent advises a professional clean on the oven as it's minging! (blame the mum in law it was her oven!)

    Well rather than pay for a clean (£50) i think it would be worth the extra expense in buying a new oven.

    So we need a built in oven, anybody know anywhere decent i can one cheap?


    What area are you in?


      Can only say dont go for Whirlpool! ..........less than 2 years old on service agreement couldnt be repaired as they couldnt get part so replaced at discounted price replacement has broken twice in 2 months.


        In Lincolnshire. Can only find decent one £150 and over. Did see abudget one for £119. Can anyone better that? Even if it means using voucher codes etc.

        Ta all


          You can try at Comet/Argos/Local Shops/Currys/Kelkoo// Even safeway has got some good deals
          I am doing the same in these days, oven hunting.
          I think is best to go for a gas one, as you will have less costs[ Electric ovens are just madness .


            Can only find decent one £150 and over. Did see abudget one for £119.
            That sounds a good deal. You have to weigh up the fact that a cheap one may stop working or fall apart quite quickly, probably just after the guarantee expires, so you'll have to replace them fairly regularly; against a more expensive one that will probably last much longer.

            Swings and roundabouts.


              Hi Richie

              How's going with your searches ?
              The oven you found for £150, is it an electrical one, gas, built in ?
              Do they deliver it, or can you pick it up ?







                Found these (between £169 - £199). I can't find the one at £150!

                But to be honest i wasn't looking at paying anywhere near that amount. The oven that was in there we were told cost £100 only 2 years ago!


                  Oops, electric, single, built in oven required.


                    whha very nice , cheers


                      If you know your law!

                      Originally posted by Stel
                      Can only say dont go for Whirlpool! ..........less than 2 years old on service agreement couldnt be repaired as they couldnt get part so replaced at discounted price replacement has broken twice in 2 months.
                      The Sale of Goods Act 1994 states that anything you buy should be of "merchantable quality" i.e. it must work for a reasonable amount of time, which will depend on its usage.
                      In 2001 I bought an integrated fridge/freezer (Whirlpool!) from an internet based retailer and it broke down after 18 months, 6 months out of guarantee. You can't really "hammer" a fridge now can you?
                      I thought this a bit rich as the only moving part is the condenser motor. The retailer tried to fix it by replacing the coolant liquid but it leaked again after 2 weeks, so I insisted on a new one f.o.c. Of course they resisted stating it was out of guarantee, and I of course came up with the SOGA. No matter I thought, phone the local TSO; they were most helpful, and I sent the supplier a letter - result?new fridge in no time f.o.c.
                      Illegitimae Carborundum!
                      The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


                        Paul, you are only the 2nd person I know who's fought, after a 'guarantee' has run out. You're absolutaly right about the SOGA. I've been advised on 3 seperate occasions by different legal people that for 6 yrs after the date of purchase, if consumer goods break down you have a right to a repair or if that is not possible, a replacement of the same or a similar spec.

                        Some big name companies really do try to get out of this. I recently had one company who supplied an electric shower that came witha 2yr guarantee and they had the blooming cheek to say that they only guaranteed it for a year, so go away andtake it up with the manufacturer... they forget that the contract is between you and the seller.

                        The sales staff are obviously not trained in consumer law......
                        And when you dig your heels in and they recant, they give the excuse that you're such a good customer, spent £1000's etc, not the real reason!


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