Landord Responsibility Not Meeting The Expectations That THEY Expect From Tenants

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    Landord Responsibility Not Meeting The Expectations That THEY Expect From Tenants

    Just before I moved in, the landlord told me that the cooker didn't work and that a part was needed. He sold it to me on the basis that it would be fixed within a couple of weeks.
    Over 3 months of leaving messages with his staff (he alsoworks at the letting agency that handles the property), he returned one call, telling me that the missing part was hard to get hold of.
    After 3 months, I moved into a bigger flat in the same building as was always the areement from day one.
    He complained about a couple of things that I have damanged and said he would take it from the deposit which was being carried over from the first flat. I have no problem with that but what about the cooking supplies that I was paying for over THREE months? What about the extra money I spent on food over thsoe three months?
    And guess what, after I told the tenant who was moving in that there the cooker didn't work (the landlord had failed to mention it), and the new tenant madea noise about it, a new cooker door was installed the very same day.
    This also needs to be taken into account when taking money from my deposit.
    How do I go about this?
    Also, in the new flat, I have a leak in the roof of the kitchen, which kept me up for several hours the other night and I have heard nothing about this after reporting it.
    If I could take action against him for that, I may just do. Would I be eligible and how far can I take it?

    There are good, decent and even great/smashing/super landlords and likewise, tenants.

    Unfortunately, there is no mechanism by which we can marry up sets of people in these categories, each and every time for a happy world.

    There is also the not insignificant problem of defining the above, as each person does have their own standards, opinions and expectations.

    I believe a register of some kind, using a feedback system like ebay's, would be a good idea if it could be created and maintained to a level that is both functional, fair and lawful, given the opposing forces of privacy and disclosure that our society is riddled with today.


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    • Reply to Section 21
      by Perce
      It is not clear yet what is going to happen with evictions. The ban may be extended till the end of the year. It is becoming almost impossible to evict a tenant. The government will make a decision shortly....
      29-05-2020, 20:24 PM
    • Section 21
      by zrux

      My tenant was struggling to pay rent, they wanted to move to council house. And asked me to serve notice.
      I served them the section 21 Notice on 28Apr2020 and gave them 4 months to vacate the property on 31-Aug

      Since then the tenant says he doesn't want to move out...
      28-05-2020, 13:18 PM
    • Reply to Section 21
      by MdeB
      Yes for S8G8, but for the discretionary grounds it is for the LL to persuade the judge....
      29-05-2020, 19:56 PM
    • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
      by Stew
      I understand you are upset but chase the person named on the lease, if they are together still it will impact the both of them so chasing for the CCJ on the named tenant will still impact the one not named as it will carry forward with them if they don't pay right away and when they try and rent again...
      29-05-2020, 18:55 PM
    • Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
      by MadLL
      Apologies if I have posted this before, but I cannot find my original post, if I did indeed post!
      I rented my property to a tenant. I knew at the start of the tenancy that the partner planned to move in at a later date, although the tenant denied the partner ever moved in as I expect they did...
      29-05-2020, 17:30 PM
    • Reply to The tenant won't pay due rent
      by Perce

      I agree and this is a problem. Very difficult to find someone you can trust that they would do a good job.

      It looks like one has to become a solicitor first to be able to deal with solicitors. Solicitors forget half of the things you tell them, make errors, expect...
      29-05-2020, 18:52 PM
    • The tenant won't pay due rent
      by Uklondoner
      The tenant just told me he can't pay not even half and didn't apply for benefit probably doesn't know how to. He said I can call Police. What to do now? I know the government back people like him....
      18-04-2020, 18:34 PM
    • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
      by Hudson01
      I can not see you getting anywhere with the ex tenants partner but i totally agree you should chase the non paying tenant until the end of time, its is the previous landlords in not going after the arrears which then caused your tenant to be able to not pay you...... somewhere a stand has to be mad...
      29-05-2020, 18:38 PM
    • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
      by Perce
      Send your ex tenant a 14 days pre action letter first....
      29-05-2020, 18:33 PM
    • Reply to Section 21
      by Perce
      The tenant should move to a cheaper accommodation which he can afford....
      29-05-2020, 18:31 PM