Which camera's best for internal room photography?

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    Which camera's best for internal room photography?


    Sure this has been asked before and as a new member i'm bound to ask similar questions, so apologies for the ppl that have heard it all before.

    looking for a suitable camera to take room shots and thought I would need an SLR of some degree but looking around I found the Panasonic FX500, 10mp 5 times zoom 25-125mm, digital cameras are moving on!! no more lugging around a large camera it looks like!

    Anyone have any experience with this camera? do you think it will be good enough?

    What do poeple use on here?

    Feedback greatly appreciated

    Many Thanks

    What camera stuff

    I'll pop my camera experiences in here as I have professionally recorded images for many many firms of solicitors over many years for a huge variety of case types.
    The speed of the lens is crucial ie the F number, why? Because you can take better shots in less light, as soon as you start firing off the flash, shadow can compromise important detail including colour, cracks, dents and scratches.
    I use a lens with an F number of just 1:1.8, this means that in the uk on a dull overcast day I can still do most indoor inventory images without artificial light or flash, providing near perfect colour rendition.
    Low F number lenses come at quite a cost, but, the difference is immediate and obvious. Zoom lenses often come at a cost of F value, so, pound for pound you will almost always get a faster fixed length lens than a zoom.
    Flash power, you will need flash at times, if the flash will only illuminate up to 2 meters then obviously its not suitable, flashes able to illuminate 4meters plus on non-SLR's may need careful shopping for.
    Low F number lenses mean better lighting from any given power of flash and a higher shutter speed in non-flash situations, giving better clarity to hand held shots.
    Lens angle, yep, nice to have a super-wide angle for indoor shots but ensure that the associated distortion will not compromise the image.
    It's very easy to just take more shots with a less distorting angle, very wide angle shots indoors can also often compromise the ability of the flash to cope covering the larger area to be illuminated.
    How many pixels? Whats acceptable will increase with time but for simple inventory work I'd arbitrarily set a minimum quality today of 3 megapixel. If you only had a 2 megapixel camera available just take more shots a bit closer.
    I do complex architectural manipulation for planning applications at 5 megapixel.
    Consider how you will manage the file once the image is taken, the file name, the format, where to store how to store, WHO to give the images to and in what format ie the tenants, the tenants copy and yours should perfectly identical in every way, including file name, format and size. Do not manipulate or enhance the original images in any way, this may compromise their future usefulness.
    You may be surprised to learn that no solicitor ever asked for a format other than simple Jpeg!
    In a nutshell, IMHO as an aid to an inventory and schedule of condition almost any old image is better than none.
    I've probably already gone on too much as everyone seems to be their own photographer these days but digital imagery was a large part of my lifeblood for many years.
    Remember, it's simple, fast and you can instantly review your work, you may even enjoy yourself, oh, and the recording medium is also now very cheap.


      I use a Panasonic DMC series. I have two the FX 33 and the FX55 don't ask me why.

      Both of which are 8mp max, both of which have a wide angle lens which makes the pictures look much better than normal lens.

      Both cameras are relatively cheap and have a big screen.

      Would reccomend them to anyone...preferable the FX55 as it eliminates the shakes(which i get)
      My views and posts are based on my opinion and any advice given is just that, advice. If you decide to act on any advice given it is with the full knowledge that I am not perfect and anything I say could be wrong!


        thanks for replies, (and thanks mods for making it a more suitable title)


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