Sink blocked and washer broken- can I force L to fix?

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    Sink blocked and washer broken- can I force L to fix?


    2 months ago I have moved to a property and as soon as we moved in, we complained to our estate agents about problems with the flat, such as broken windows, blocked sink etc. After about 6 weeks, a few of the things were fixed, but not all. Now, we have a broken washing machine (which means we are spending £20 a week on laundry, the kitchen sink is still blocked, and the overflow is over flowing. We haven't paid the rent this month as we were hoping to come to some sort of agreement where we would have the money spent on laundry taken off the rent, however, despite promises to get back to us, we have heard nothing from the agents, even though we have called on numerous occasions, they have only called us recently to tell us we have no right to withhold the rent and that no agreement has been made to reduce our rent while the washing wachine is not working. We have also heard nothing about the blocked sink, or the overflowing overflow.

    Can someone please tell me what the best thing to do next is, and what our rights are.


    Morally you are right to withhold rent.
    Legally I dont know sorry!


      AST and inventory

      Did you sign an inventory for the property, were the items listed as working.
      What is in the AST regarding maintenance/repair of items?
      Is the deposit held in the TDS? Have you received confirmation.

      If landlord responsible for items, pursue this. Don't spend any with held money. The agent and landlord could be trying it on - seems dishonourable but we've read the neg stories from all side so shouldn't be shocked really.

      Good luck, start looking for a new flat as it seems agent and LL pretty useless.


        Put the rent in a separate account, write to the LL stating that rent is being withheld due to repair issues and that if you get no response to the issues you will instruct 3 workmen to quote for repairs and you will take the cheapest quote and get the work done taking the amount for the work from the rent owed. Ensure you send all three WRITTEN quotes to the LL along with the invoice for the work. You should get a reply soon after.
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