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    Signing The Inventory


    We let to students jointly, 4 rooms in a house. We have an inventory which they sign the day they move in. My question is, do they need to initial next to each item on the inventory (each person initialling against their own room contents) or will 4 signatures at the bottom of the inventory suffice?

    There are about 100 things on the inventory so if they have to initial each it will be time consuming, but if thats what i need them to do to make it legal then obviously i will.


    I was told by a letting agent that each tenant should sign top and bottom of each page of the inventory. Any amendments written in on the day of the check-in (e.g. 'small scratch to top surface') should be initialled as well.

    I was also told to give the tenants an identical copy of the thing they have signed.

    Photographs showing the condition of the property on the day they move in can also be useful if there is any future dispute as to dmage, cleaning bills, etc.

    In addition to the inventory of items, I get tenants to sign a declaration as to the state of cleanliness and repair of the property and contents on the day they move in. I was very glad of this recently when I had to justify deducting the cost of 20 hours cleaning (for a 6 bedroomed student house) because it was plain mucky when they left; they had agreed it had been spotless & squeaky clean when they moved in.

    I agree with you - you have to get it right now to save frustration later.
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      There is no need to go the the length of initialling each item. If there is more than one page, then by all means initial at the bottom of each page other than the last, which should be signed. However, any deletions, insertions or amendments should be initialled.

      If both landlord and tenant each hold identical copies signed by the other that should go a long way to preventing a problem.


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