Potential letting fraud.

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    Potential letting fraud.

    Hi everyone,

    I have a situation where my property has been broken into and re-let out by some unscrupuluous fraudster who posed as the landlord or the current occupants themselves. The property had a tenant who was due to officially leave the property on the 13 Sept, but had found another place in the meantime and moved out 13 Aug. They had paid for the full month in advance. During the last week, someone broke in and re-let the property to someone else, they apparently moved in on Tuesday 2nd Sept, on the same day as the last viewing conducted by our agency for new tenants.

    They have a 2 page photocopy of an agreement with the fake landlord with a mobile no. that doesn't pick up. We've tried to get them removed by the police but was unsuccessul as there was no evidence they did the actual break in. They claimed to have viewed the property on the Monday before moving in on Tuesday, but they have no receipts to prove they paid fake landlord £1800 deposit and 1 months rent. We also don't know if they've reported the fake landlord to the police to try and find him. I suspect they haven't.

    We are now going through solicitors to try and evict them through the courts. Does anyone have any recommendations for a suitable solicitor? I've been in contact with LandlordAction and a local firm, and was wondering if there was anyone else I could try for both price and service.

    If anyone else has had this happen and what they did to remedy the situation.

    This whole situation is causing me undue stress and aggravation.

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

    Try using Dutton Gregory 01962 844333. You do not need to be local and they run a Capped Price Scheme, so you know what you will be paying from the outset. They are Landlord and Tenant specialists and cheaper than Landlord Action.


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