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    Notice to Leave

    What can be classed as Notice to leave? Through reading these threads it appears that you need to be served a s21.
    Although we have already left the property, the old LL basically posted a letter through the door saying she wouldn't be renewing the contract and needed us out at the end of the AST, which left us with a month. (we did get the second month, but that's a different story!)
    When I speak to LL about the return of the deposit (she's getting quotes for things that were already broken), I have a few points I want to make to perhaps give the LL some perspective.
    So, is a letter through the door good enough or can I metaphorically throw this in the LL face when they start chucking quotes at me?

    Letter is insufficient if it gives T only one month's Notice. It might have been sufficient @ two months if it otherwise complied with the requirements of s.21(1)(b).

    However, is your deposit properly protected? If it should have been but isn't, L of an AST cannot use s.21 at all.
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