What happens after a section 21?

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    What happens after a section 21?

    Hi, please forgive my lack of knowledge and bear with me.
    I have a tenant who is coming to the end of his 6 month ast next weekend. I have served a section 21 notice and am hoping that the tenant moves out without any problems. My worry is that we were late in issuing the section 21 and he doesn't seem to have anywhere to move to. If he stays on past the required two month notice period for the section 21 I understand we will have to take him to court. Can anyone help me with some information on this process? What do I need to do next?
    Any helpful advice would be gratefully appreciated

    Many thanks


    1 When did/does the 6 month AST end (exact date)?

    2 When (exact date) did you serve the section 21 and what date was given as the date at whcih the tenancy must end?
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      The poster states the service of the S.21 was too late so the L/L will have to serve another asap. If it's not served before the end of the fixed term then it will delay matters by at least another month. Remember it's a S.21 (1)(b) during the fixed term and S.21 (4)(a) when it becomes periodic.
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