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  • davidjohnbutton
    You appear to have a regulated tenant who occupied before 15th January 1989.

    If she marries, then yes, there will be a right of succession.

    The successor right only devolves to those who live with the regulated tenant, so assuming that when she marries, the husband lives with her, then the succession is valid. It would not be valid for one of her children to succeed unless they have lived with her for at least 2 years.

    "Death of a regulated tenant
    If a regulated tenant dies the tenancy can be passed on under specific circumstances. This is known as succession. The tenancy can be passed to:

    a spouse or partner who lived in the property at the time of the tenant's death
    another member of the tenant's family who lived in the property with the tenant for at least two years prior to the tenant's death
    If the tenancy passes to the spouse or partner and there has not been a previous succession, the tenancy remains a regulated tenancy. If it passes to another member of the tenant's family or is a second succession, it becomes an assured tenancy. The tenancy can only be passed on twice in very specific circumstances. The second successor must fulfil certain requirements.

    Get advice if you are unsure about succession to a tenancy"

    Source for the quote above.

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  • AndyJohnson
    started a topic Sitting tenent

    Sitting tenent

    Evening gents

    I have a sitting tenent in one of my places - she's been there for twenty five years

    If she marries someone, will the tenency pass on to him if she passes away? Or can she pass it on to her children?


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