Lodger evicted; how can I dispose of his goods?

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    Lodger evicted; how can I dispose of his goods?

    New to this, so bear with me. On the day I was going on holiday for 2 months, after being made redundant, 1 of my 3 lodgers told me he had lost his job (his fault) and couldn't pay the rent for the forthcoming month! As his deposit didnt cover the rent for the room he was in(he had upgraded) and was also liable for some damage and cleaning (smoker). I informed him his deposit was forfeited, because he had failed to give me sufficient notice as per our agreement, and the bill for cleaning and repairs. My friend offered to act as my agent in my absence, for a fee. I informed the lodger he had to vacate asap, and went on holiday. He made no effort to move. after 10 days my agent made a concerted effort to evict him with the help of the local police. He went at that time, but left all his considerable effects! I have given him 5 documented deadlines to move his stuff, which he has ignored. He does not answer his phone, nor has he provided a forwarding address, or made provision for his mail. I have informed him he owes me for 1 months rent, for failure to provide notice, and I am charging him for storage. I can no longer store his stuff. Can I dispose of his effects, to cover my now considerable expenses?

    I don't understand how you managed to evict him. Why were the police involved? Was he physically thrown out by them?


      Originally posted by Kathryn View Post
      I don't understand how you managed to evict him. Why were the police involved? Was he physically thrown out by them?
      Presumably being a lodger, rather than a tenant, he had far less security of tenure and the usual procedures did not have to apply?

      If a lodger is living in your house with you, I think you can ask them to leave with a very short notice period, without having to give a reason.

      If this lodger was staying on against the householder's wishes, he would presumably be classed as an unwanted guest/illegal occupant of the house?

      Having said that, I've had a few of those (mainly my children's friends!) but I've never had to resort to the police to throw them out.
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        I was on holiday in Indo China, my friend was acting as a paid agent by me to evict him as he wouldnt leave the house or even answer the door. My agent had keys, but the guy had barricaded himself in the room, So he called the cops as back up, just in case, lol. The guy went quietly, but im left with tons of his stuff which he seems to think I will store for free, lol. I want to know if I can dispose of his stuff, recover my considerable cots, lost rent, storage, international phone calls, agents costs, etc, what do you reckon,at the end of the day I would just be happy to get rid of his stuff!


          Rules re an ex-lodger's belongings are precisely the same as for an ex-tenants's belongings.
          See thread re Disposal of Uncollected Goods: http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums...ad.php?t=11789.
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            many thanks

            Thanks Jeffry

            Thats clears it up nicely and succintly




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