Repeated unpaid rental - how to proceed

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    Repeated unpaid rental - how to proceed

    My tenant has repeatedly failed to pay rental on time, finally got up to date last month, now hasnt paid this months rental.

    Meanwhile he decided he would like to move into anotherof our properties with a friend.

    We agreed as long as we had employers references from both and we started afresh with new 6 month AST's. He signed one , but we did not date it as we said we wanted a new standing order set up and a months payment made before before keys are handed over.

    Our tenant we have now discovered has left his job, because my email to him was returned and when I called his place of work they were very abrupt and told me he had left. I therefore have only a mobile number for him and he is not responding to texts or calls on this number. This week I sent a signed for letter to him asking him to contact me urgently. Still nothing.

    Meanwhile, his friend who also signed the 2nd agreement to move in with him has not paid us anything despite telling us over a week ago that a bank transfer has been set up and he is also not replying to messages.

    Where do we stand. We now want him out of the existing flat but dont want him or his friend in the new one.

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

    Has either of them moved in yet?
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      No, our current tenant is still in the original property which he shares with another tenant who he has never got on with (we have had weeping phonecalls from him late at night saying she wont let him watch the tv!!). The new tenant is somewhere else -we dont know where.


        I think you need to be a bit more selective when considering tenants as the ones you have appear to be creating rather too many problems!
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