Children allowed in a HMO /Is it Discrimination ?

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    Children allowed in a HMO /Is it Discrimination ?


    I Often receive phone calls from couples with children, that ask me if i would rent a room to them in a houseshare with a normal Ast .
    I have downloaded the Ast from the Landlord association, and it clearly states that children are not allowed into the property, and i also think is right for respect of other tenants who have chosen my place which was previously advertised as quiet house.

    Tenants nowadays are getting smarter, infact three days ago, one guy called me, arranged an appointment, viewed my place, and decided to take it by paying a deposit of £200 for room reservation.I did ask if he had any children and his reply a was quite straightforward "No" .
    He showed up yesterday with his wife two children, and a Van loaded with all their Staff, asking me to quickly sign a 6 month or even a year Ast contract; Obviously my reply was a "No" for him, as he didn't tell me the truth about his children.
    After this brief introduction, my question is : Is a landlord allowed to refuse couples with children ? And by doing this, can he be accused of discrimination ?
    He said that the law says, that once he has brought all of his staff at the door-step, i am obliged to take him whatsoever the situation.
    As They didn't sign nothing i don't think i am obliged to take them .

    I also asked him why he said "No" when i asked him if he had children, and he said he was meaning "not in London", but yes in Birmingham .

    Eventually he accused me of discrimination.

    What you think of all this please ? Can he sue me ?

    First of all, what he says is rubbish. If he hasnt signed then he's got no agreement. He cannot sue you. Have you given him the deposit back out of interest? Or not?

    Secondly, you have the absolute right to refuse any tenant on any basis you wish....if you are concerned about being accused of discrimination then you do not have to give them a reason. However, if they do not tell you then move them in later, is a different story. It would be difficult IMO to successfully evict a tenant based upon breach of contract if the AST stated they could not have children in the property - I suspect that such a term may be an unfair one.
    Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


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