Tenant suing me for 3 times deposit- help!

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    Inventory probs now!

    With Ref to IMP, yup, I agree, the TDS is a good idea, it can save All sorts of hastle. Bandit, the last agreement was signed Sept 06, also, the deposit was sent to me from the agent, Not going through the tenant, so the deposit date is 2005!. I found this info regarding deposits on another thread, someone tried to sue the LL and failed because the deposit was transfered from agent and not via T!. Another problem has just reared its ugly head though, the previous agent has just informed me why they havn't returned the inventory, THEY DIDNT DO ONE!!!!!. ARGHHHH!!!!. Aparently!, they sent me a questionaire to fill in, with one box to tick if I wanted one done!. I had just Completly re-decorated, inside and out, new carpets and all, Why would I not want one done, we spoke about it verbaly!. I have asked for a copy!. As far as I was aware, an inventory Was done. Yet more reasons as to why I thought they were Useless and why I went one on one with the tenant! I have checked the tenancy agreement and it mentions inventory, but not that one was done. Hmmm, I awiat a reply from them!, Keep you all posted, Cheers, Neil


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