Tenant in arrears and changed locks; how can I proceed?

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    Tenant in arrears and changed locks; how can I proceed?

    Hello All,

    You might be able to help me. I have a nightmare tenant I have bent over backwards for, but it's time to cut it loose. Let me know what you think?

    In short, my predicament is as follows.

    Aug 2006 - tenant moves in, with new born child, Tenant pays just part of the deposit (550 of 1275). This is before the need to protect deposits I believe (?)

    Tenant pays rent monthly, within reasonable time (give or take 2 weeks) for around one year.

    Aug 2007. Tenant begins to pay rent at least 3 weeks behind. Tenant is prompted to pay rent on time, tenant does is not responsive.

    November 2007 - tenant is served section 21 notice, more specifically on grounds that owner on return from abroad will be occupying the property. Tenant denies receipt of notice. Tenant changes locks precluding landlord from entering property for maintenancem checks etc. British Gas is not given access to property for yearly Corgi check.

    January 2008 - tenant is served with second section 21, confirmation of postage, rather than recorded delivery, is sought. Tenant does not vacate property despite regular, but far from harrassing, correspondence (email very occasional calls) with landlord. Tenant pleads on grounds of child etc. Landlord does not acquiesce from this point on. Tenant is rude and abusive in email ('you can't evict me for rent arrears, stupid, etc'). Tenant is on average one month behind on rent.

    June 2008 - court order is sought on original s21 grounds, (landlord wishing to reoccupy property).

    In the meantime, tenant has stopped paying rent (last rent paid in May). There is of course no real deposit to speak of. Tenant has not vacated property. There is also strong suspicion tenant is housing non-registered immigrants. For sense of fairness this has not been mentioned in court orders etc.

    Is there anyway reimbursement can be sought for what is now rent arrears without complicated the s21? Rent was not in arrears when s21 was first submitted.

    What can be done to weight likelihood that tenant will be evicted sooner rather than later?

    The injustice of this all sickens me, absolutely. Evicting a child feels immoral, but this is ludicrous. Being walked over and charitably paying for them to abuse me over email and live in my property is just not on, especially when I am trying to refunance the property in these times of rising mortage rates. Please help.

    In addition

    Aug 2006 - yearly AST was signed and agreed. This expired in Aug 2007.


      S21 is no grounds notice merely requiring possession. No reasons need to be given.

      If tenant does not vacate then you will need to start court proceedings for possession. This will take around 4 months from start to finish.

      The tenant will sit tight and wait for the bailiffs to come so she can be rehoused by the council.

      You could start a separate action for rent arrears, but lets face it, the tenant probably doesn't have any money.

      The fact the tenant couldn't pay the full deposit told you everything you needed to know. You NEVER NEVER NEVER let a tenant in without full rent and deposit up front.

      You'll just have to follow the legal route and be much more careful next time who you let in.


        Why was a section 8 Notice not served, as soon as the rent was one month + one day unpaid?
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          It is not clear yet what is going to happen with evictions. The ban may be extended till the end of the year. It is becoming almost impossible to evict a tenant. The government will make a decision shortly....
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          My tenant was struggling to pay rent, they wanted to move to council house. And asked me to serve notice.
          I served them the section 21 Notice on 28Apr2020 and gave them 4 months to vacate the property on 31-Aug

          Since then the tenant says he doesn't want to move out...
          28-05-2020, 13:18 PM
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          Yes for S8G8, but for the discretionary grounds it is for the LL to persuade the judge....
          29-05-2020, 19:56 PM
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          by Stew
          I understand you are upset but chase the person named on the lease, if they are together still it will impact the both of them so chasing for the CCJ on the named tenant will still impact the one not named as it will carry forward with them if they don't pay right away and when they try and rent again...
          29-05-2020, 18:55 PM
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          Apologies if I have posted this before, but I cannot find my original post, if I did indeed post!
          I rented my property to a tenant. I knew at the start of the tenancy that the partner planned to move in at a later date, although the tenant denied the partner ever moved in as I expect they did...
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          I agree and this is a problem. Very difficult to find someone you can trust that they would do a good job.

          It looks like one has to become a solicitor first to be able to deal with solicitors. Solicitors forget half of the things you tell them, make errors, expect...
          29-05-2020, 18:52 PM
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          The tenant just told me he can't pay not even half and didn't apply for benefit probably doesn't know how to. He said I can call Police. What to do now? I know the government back people like him....
          18-04-2020, 18:34 PM
        • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
          by Hudson01
          I can not see you getting anywhere with the ex tenants partner but i totally agree you should chase the non paying tenant until the end of time, its is the previous landlords in not going after the arrears which then caused your tenant to be able to not pay you...... somewhere a stand has to be mad...
          29-05-2020, 18:38 PM
        • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
          by Perce
          Send your ex tenant a 14 days pre action letter first....
          29-05-2020, 18:33 PM