AST: our landlord wants to dump Agent and self-manage

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    AST: our landlord wants to dump Agent and self-manage


    At the moment my house is rented through a letting agency, but the landlady has informed us that she is going to get rid of the agency and start to manage the property herself.

    Apart from the increase in rent and maintence cover offered via the agency my main problem with th change is that when we sign the new contract with the landlady she wants us to sign up to a minimum trem of 6months and then on to a month revolving (she tells us its law to have a statatory period). I dont see why we have to do this as we have already done this with the agency and should just keep ongoing with the original terms we have as our circumstances have not changed.

    Does anyone know if she is correct?


    If your past your fixed period there's no need for you to sign anything unless you want to.
    Of course the LL could give you notice if you refuse.
    signing a new 6 month contract will give you the security that she can't do this (unless you break conditions of the agreement)
    Depends if you're happy there or not.
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      thanks for the reply

      the problem i have is the due to work commitments i made need to move in the next couple of months so cant afford to be tied down for another 6months just incase i do. Were happy to stay and landlord wants us to stay just dont want to be tied for 6 months. So its not law that we have to have a new minimum term? She was going to find out aswell from the letting agency.


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