Tenant gave Notice to Quit; how do I know if he's left?

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    Tenant gave Notice to Quit; how do I know if he's left?

    Hi, My tenant has given one months notice to leave the property that expired last weekend. He hasn't returned the keys yet and keeps saying he'll do it tomorrow. The letting agent visited the property yesterday for an inspection and found the place was in a terrbile state (damaged doors, ruined carpets, etc) and that the tentant had left quite a few of his belongings.

    This suggests that the tenant has not fully moved out. So how do I know for sure that he has gone so that I can regain possession of the property and let my new tenant move in?

    Should I issue a s.21 or is there an easier way?

    The tentant signed a AST when he moved in two years ago. Any advice is appreciated.


    I would serve a s21 asap and also get a abandened notice up on the door as well. The agent should have sugested this and be able to do this if not use another agent next time because he should have at least given you some options.


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