Can my wife be sole tenant or must L credit-ref. me too?

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    tenancy agreement

    The reason you are requested to both sign the tenancy agreement is due to the housing and tenant act, to keep things simple the tenancy agreement is to protect the landlord so they could gain posession of the property if needed. If you were not part of the agreement and you decided not to leave once your term had expired, the landlord or agency would find it very difficult to evict you.
    If an agent knew you were both moving into the property and allowed only one party to sign, the agent would be liable to a certain extent if there were any problems. This is something agents will not leave themselves open to.

    Im sure this is not to do with your past debts, as you would be asked to provide a guarantor should your credit status be unacceptable. Provided this was done there should not be any reasons for you not to move in.

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  • Can my wife be sole tenant or must L credit-ref. me too?

    Hello there

    we are in the following situation and would like any advice on what the deal is with who has to be included on tenancy agreements. We are going to become both a landlord and a tenant ourselves in the next month.

    This question is about us being tenants through an agency in the NorthWest

    facts are:
    Wife works and I don't due to disability
    She has got a new job 60 miles away
    we are relocating as a result
    we can't sell our house (cheers Gordon)
    we are going to rent it out (hopefully) until someone does want to buy it
    we want to rent in the area where wifes new job is until we find somehwere suitable and/or sell the old house, and/or prices drop enough to make buying a good option

    OK? OK!

    So we are looking at renting thru various letting agencies and have seen a property we want to rent - they are telling us that everyone who lives there must be included on the tenancy agreement.
    Wife earns more than enough to pay the rent twice over on these places we're looking at, so finances ain't the issue for us. It is my financial background - unpaid phone bills and student loans from prior to us meeting.

    I do not work and haven't done for 4 yrs or so due to illness and being the main child carer.

    Now then, tenancy agreements - she has had no problems getting a mortgage with me in tow - all I had to do was sign an agreement relinquishing my hold on the property should we split up, or should she default on the mortgage. Makes sense that the bank don't want me claiming residents/squatters rights or whatever when they could just reposess>sell it>move on - makes sense and I understand that and signed.

    So, is there something similar in the tenancy world? Last thing I need is being credit checked or my past life messing up our being able to move to the area where the new job is. She doesn'y need a 120 mile commute every day - no-one does.

    Who has to be included under 'parties' - what checks are likely to be run - is there any way around this for us.

    advise away......

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