Renting a brand new apartment

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  • Renting a brand new apartment

    Hi, I'm about to become a tenant in a brand new apartment (never been lived in). I'm going to be paying 6 weeks deposit.

    The agency i'm going through is ARLA registered.

    My question is, as it's a new property is there any specific problems I should lookout for? I don't want the landlord to blame any problems on me!


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    Like what?

    The only thing which comes to mind is that the landlord might have too high expectations when you quit the place; ie he might expect to get it back still in brand-new condition - clearly unreasonable and unfeasible - and you might have problems reclaiming your deposit.

    I suppose you need to double-check that everything you'd normally expect to be in a home, like a TV aerial, phone line, and probably other stuff, is all present and correct, and that you don't end up having to pay for it.


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      Thanks for the response....


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