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    Dunno about your second question im afraid. But your first one....a rental period can start on any date. So you could move in sign contract and have your rent payable on the 10th of each month, for example.
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      If it were me, I'd happily take you on if you wanted to pay for 6 months up front, unemployed or not.

      Bartering would put me off if I had lots of time, as I did with my flat. I turned people down who tried that, but if it were getting towards a void or a long period void I'd consider it.

      2) Can you recommend good websites and/or publications which deal exclusively with private classifieds and NOT agencies?
      Where are you looking to rent?


        Ironically, if you are simply unemployed, or a student, and have some money, you will be more "acceptable" to many landlords than if you are "on benefits", as many seem to have a blind spot about this. We rent out two houses, one to a guy who has been on benefits the whole time (so we get the housing benefit paid directly to us regularly every month) and one to a couple who were both working, but since one of them has lost her job they now have huge arrears and we have had to serve them notice.The former keeps the house immaculate and the latter live like pigs.


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