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    Having taken some good advice on this site I am now taking steps to obtain money owed in rent under the AST the tenant ignored. When completing the recomended moneyonline application, I was wondering if anyone had any suggested wording, or if my wording below would be adequate.
    I am taking these steps to recover the unpaid rent as the tenant left the property to go back to partner. The tenant was OK at the time and agreed to pay any rent lost, but has ignored requests over the last 8 weeks. I am aware thatthe tenant is in full time employment with a decent income. My proposed wording is as follows:
    " Mrs XYZ is in breach of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy
    Agreement resulting in unpaid rent due on No. 2222 bbbb Road. I wish to claim for unpaid rent together with Estate Agency Fees incurred in providing a replacement for the said property." I would appreciate any comments/views.

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    By a written Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement dated xxxx between the Claimant and the Defendant, the premises at No. xx xxxxx road xxxxxx were let to the defendant from xxx date to xxx date when she left [without giving notice required under the agreement/left before completion of the contractual fixed period] (use whichever applicable). The weekly/monthly rent is £x per x
    The Defendant failed to pay rent due under the agreement and owes the claimant £x
    As a consequence of the defendant leaving the let premises, the claimant has incurred Estate Agent fees of £x
    And the Claimant claims the said rent arrears and the estate agent fees amounting to a total of £x

    There then is a bit which you can tick for claiming interest on the MCOL page - you will see it as you fill in the amounts and it automatically adds the wording to the claim to add interest but you will have to calculate the number of days.
    If your claim statement goes over the max characters or lines, prune it down a bit and close up any new line inserts.

    A solicitor would charge you £200 for that above - send us a tenner!


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