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    Need advice - small claims


    I need some advice, I'm a foreigner living in London and have been quite blown away by the limited to no rights you have as a tenant over here.

    We moved into a flat in London at the start of June (5 of us, four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms). The flat was never cleaned before we moved in, building was ongoing but most importantly, two of the showers didn't work. So effectively we had 5 people sharing one bathroom.

    We requested this be fixed within the first week. Little happened and it's a long story of calling back and forward with nothing happening. At the end of the day, we were kicked out (quite happy to be though) because we complained too much about the bathrooms not working. We were there until the end of October. So we paid for 5 months rent for a 3 bathroom flat where only one worked.

    On top of that the landlord's being ridiculous about the bond which we can't be bothered with but this landlord should not be subjected to anyone else.

    Do we have a chance of taking her to the small claims court and being successful to get a back dated rent reduction?


    been quite blown away by the limited to no rights you have as a tenant over here
    Tenants actually have quite a lot of rights if landlords do things through the proper legal channels. It's when you get landlords like yours that take advantage of people not knowing their rights that leads you to that conclusion.

    Anyway, I'd say you have very little chance of getting a back dated rent reduction. However, you can take her to the small claims court for return of your deposit. Write to her and give her 7 days to return it or you will take her to court.

    Get the application ready from here and if she doesn't comply, send the claim in. She may have no right to keep your deposit, although you don't give any details about inventory, condition of the proeprty before and after you moved in etc.


      You also have the right to several other things which your landlord appears to have overlooked:-

      *I'm not sure what the "kicking out" involved, but she has to give you 2 months notice,
      *The notice cannot terminate the tenancy before the first 6 months expire,
      *You would have been entitled, after so much delay on the landlord's part, to get 2 estimates for fixing the showers, send her copies and say you are going to get the work done and take the amount charged out of the rent.

      If you have problems in the future, the Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help you, or local councils often have a landlord/tenant avice officer.


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