Landlord being difficult over deposit

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    Landlord being difficult over deposit


    I was wondering if anyone could help me...

    For the last 5 years I have lived in rented accommodation - the Landlord decided to sell last year to a Development company who are going to knock down the house and add new ones. This is fine as we were ready to move on but now the Landlord is becoming difficult with refunding our deposit.

    We had nearly finished clearing everything out of the house when he stopped by the other day to check and he became very picky about the most ridiculous things! For instance, we had a satelitte dish put up and he says it now has to come down as it wasn't there when we took it. He also wants the house cleaned from top to bottom and has said it isn't good enough, even though it is to the same standard as when we moved in.

    The house goes into the contractors hands by the end of next month so there will not be anyone else moving into the house.

    I looked into the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and Act but unfortunately our deposit was given in 2003 and as far as I am aware if we get into anymore difficulty that is one avenue we cannot go down as our contract has already ended and began before 2007.

    I am pretty certain that when he arrives for an inspection for the second time things will not be up to his standard once again.

    We have been more than fair tenants, putting up with a small gas leak that cost us a fortune in the gas bill, a cooker not being replaced for two months and rising damp in one of the bedrooms.

    Is there anything that you can suggest for this problem?

    Thank you

    Was there an inventory at the start? Fair wear and tear has to be taken into consideration if there was and if not he will struggle to make deductions, especially as the place is being demolished so does not really matter what it looks like now!

    Re the satellite dish.. did he give you permission to have one? But again if its about to be demolished whats the point!

    Just sounds like he is trying to keep your money.
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