Landlord gone AWOL

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  • tenrohle
    I'm almost £3k down in a simliar situation. Considered breaking into their other flats and nicking anything that wasn't nailed down but haven't got that far yet.

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  • Hacked Off
    started a topic Landlord gone AWOL

    Landlord gone AWOL


    I hope someone could help with my issue. I have recently moved out of my rented property 03/08. The estate agent called me 2 days after the contract had expired, and said the property looks great with no problems with the condition etc.. he told me that me was about to write the cheque for the deposit, but there was one area that needed a clean and would I like to pay for a cleaner or do it myself. So I went over and got the keys from the agent, went in and did the work.

    I also found a letter in the mail from an Asset company addressed to the occupier, Dated 31/07 stating that the property was going through legality's because the mortgage was in arrears. It stated that all rent should be paid to the Asset Co etc..

    So I called the estate agent today and asked about the deposit, the agents reply was, I have tried calling the Co that owns the property which also owns another 5 Flats in the block. He said the phone went to dead tone and was concerened that they could not contact them or via email.

    The Agent has always managed the property and on the contract iy says the deposit it held by the Landlord-Care of the Agent, I am going to see the director tomorrow at the Estate agent tomorrow.

    Any ideas in how I should approach this. I dont want to lose near on a grand.

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