Rent Increase for Registered Tenant - How?

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  • Rent Increase for Registered Tenant - How?

    The local London Rent Service have just concluded their bi-annual rent review (and agreed a paltry increase).

    How do I serve notice of this increase to my Registered Tenant? He will obviously have had a copy of the decisison but I seem to remember I need a special form, is that right? I seem to remember it has to be served a particular way no?

    Thanks once again


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    You need to serve an notice of increase of rent under Section 45(2) of the Rent Act 1977. I am pretty sure that this is in a prescribed format and you should be able to get the form from a legal stationers (Oyez form RR22A).

    The date of the increase cannot be before the effective date on the Rent Register copy and cannot be more than 4 weeks before the service of the notice.

    Hope this helps.



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      Originally posted by bpikeuk
      cannot be more than 4 weeks before the service of the notice.
      Many thanks for the reply, could you just explain (in idiots terms) what that bit means and also, do I need to register-post this?

      I managed to find the form as a pdf, I assume writing in the details by hand will suffice?

      (can't you just tell I don't know what the He## I'm doing here )



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        Suggest you get the proper form from oyez it has 2 sides. The notes on the reverse could be relevant.

        Be sure to fill it in correctly or it will be invalid and no increase.

        The effective date is on the certificate and is not always the same as the date the rent officer actually set the rent. Put the wrong one and the forms invalid. There is significant caselaw on invalid notices, and if the tenant pays on an invalid notice then they can claim it all back for 2 years from you.

        The 4 week rule does not include the date of service which must be correct also. Be safe hand deliver it in person. I know that there are rules regarding service of notices for S21's depending on what's in the contract but I am not sure as to whether they apply here. If anyone knows please say.

        the 4 week rule means backdatable 4 weeks from the date of service not including that day. Don't put dates where there should be figures and vice versa.


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          Like Lucid said really.....................

          We serve ours by recorded delivery. I am not saying that this is 100% the correct way to do it but it has served us well for the last 10 years, we do about 25/30 of these a year.



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