Gas/electric company suitable to multiple accounts

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    Gas/electric company suitable to multiple accounts

    Does anybody know of a utility co (gas/elec) that has a team dedicated to multiple account holders? We currently pay the gas/elec/water bills for our student properties.

    British Gas used to and we had migrated most of our accounts over to them - they have now gone and disbanded that team leaving us high and dry. After 40 minutes of waiting on hold I finally got through only to get cut off after 2 minutes speaking to them. >

    Any help appreciated.

    Incidentally, and as a postscript - any companies who outsource their call centres to far flung places and pass on the cost to me - through my time spent trying to get them to understand me - really get my goat.

    I do not blame the people I speak too - its not their fault their company has gotten a contract through being cheaper than the UK alternative - just the greedy utility co for outsourcing to save money.
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    Don't forget that when you are required to telephone an 0870 number to contact your favourite supplier, check it out on . They can sometimes provide a much cheaper geographic alternative.
    Last time I tried them I was required to dial an 0870 number to renew my TV licence. Unfortunately, they did not have a geographic number ..... but did have an 0800 number for them! As you can imagine, they did not hang around answering this one and my TV licence was renewed PDQ!

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      Thank you for posting this number again! I saw it a while back but then could not locate it! I have now addded it to my favourites!

      My boss hates 0870 numbers and is forever discussing his hatred for them! Think I can make his day with this!
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