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  • Letting Agent problems

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a landlord who is having problems with a letting agent and would appreciate some advice. The letting agent sourced a tenant three and a half years ago. The tenant has been brilliant and I've had no problems there. However, the tenant has recently contacted me with a list of problems she has had with the letting agent since she moved in - none of which I was aware of. These ranged from the letting agent not performing inspections to not acting on problems with the property (leaks, gas boiler problems, damaged locks to name a few).
    I have tried to address this performance issue with the agent but they are not interested. I informed them that I want to change letting agent but keep the tenant since she is very happy where she is and shouldn't be penalised for the letting agents poor performance. The letting agent has started demanding a tenant introductory fee.
    What I would like to know is, do I need to pay this fee considering the letting agent was in effect in breach of contract by not performing their duties?
    The agent still has the tenants deposit, can they keep this deposit if I refuse to pay the introductory fee?

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    1. Check the terms and conditions of your contract with the agent, there should be a cancellation clause, if not you can just sack them.

    2. In the past, where I have had a bad agent, I have told the tenant that you are not going to use the agent and therefore ending the tenancy, I have issued a S21 on the tenant. I have then advirtised the property and told the tenant that if they wished to apply independantly, I would look very favourably at the application.

    3. The deposit is the tenants money, if they take any, sue them.

    4. Check to see if the agent is a member of a regulated body and complain to them.


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