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    Me and my girlfriend have been renting a house for nearly a year now. Given a good deal with a low rent and no deposit to pay we accepted the fact that there was no contract to sign. We paid the rent of £430 by cash monthly.

    A month ago he moved in with us giving us an eviction note. As we didn't want to live with him, we didn't make a fuzz of that and went looking for a new place.

    All the sudden he raised the rent by £100/month due to raised council tax (How that could be the reason, i can't tell as both me and my gf are full time students).
    However, we found a place that was vacant on 1st of december, possibly before. As it was "possibly vacant before" we asked him if it was ok to pay rent weekly until we moved out, which he was ok with. Last week I gave him £132, but he refused to take the money as "he doesn't do pound coins". He demanded £140. Tonight we're about to pay our last weeks rent.

    The fact that he has raised the rent by £132/month and that he's been eating our food and been using all our stuff, we want to get away as cheap as possible..

    have we done anything illegal by not signing a contract?

    What has he made himself guilty to by not giving us a contract, not keeping rent book and by raising our rent that much?

    Happy for quick answer, so i can spit him back in his face tonight..


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    OK, Im making some assuptions here as you want a quick answer. I take it you and your girlfriend had sole use of a house / flat and all amenities, that LL was living else where and no one else in occupation?

    The fact there was no signed contract does not mean that one has not been created. The fact he took rent from you, regardless of how much, he has created a Assured shorthold tenancy. You have now got a right to live at the property and enjoy a quiet lifestyle. By not having a contract actually means he cannot use accelerated eviction process.

    Points for your LL tonight.

    1. We have a right to live here untill you lawfully evict us, you will need to find how yourself.

    2. You are living here illegaly, please move out tonight or I will contact the police and have you removed.

    3. If you continue this action, I will have you arrested for harrassment.

    4. You have not served me with a section 13 (notification of a raise in rent), you will need to serve me one on the next rent day and give me a month to appeal to the fair rents officer at the council.

    5. I will reduce my next rent to recover overpayments I have made to you.

    I STRESS, you have not given more information on your situation, if your in a house in multiple occupation, the situation could be different.


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