Deposit deductions greater than agreed

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    Deposit deductions greater than agreed

    If anyone can offer any help or advice I’d be grateful.

    To cut a long story short we moved out of our old property on the 7th of June. The inspection took place on the 14th of June with us both present.

    Everything was in order, the only notes were the landlord advised the oven would need cleaning and the silicon around the shower upstairs would need bleaching. We verbally agreed to a maximum deduction of no more than £50.

    I had to chase a couple of times, eventually the check turned up yesterday. The actual deduction states

    Oven Cleaning : £50
    Damage to Shower£60
    Cost of Silicon £20

    I'm obviously not happy, there is an invoice from a local cleaning company included. I did advise him to contact me should the cost end up been more than £50.

    The landlord was unable to provide the original or a copy of inventory during the inspection.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    Well, if the LL can'r find his copy of the inventory, he'll have a hard job proving anything if you did decide to 'play rough'. Those quotes sound very high for cleaning, and what kind of 'damage to shower' is being referred to?


      There is no detail given for the damage.

      I was obviously a bit angry when I opened the letter so I’m not going to phone him for at least a few hours, as shouting and screaming won’t help anyone.

      I don't want to play rough unless I have to, I’m willing to agree to the original deduction.


        Did the cleaning company fix the 'damage to shower'? Is there any evidence for it at all? I think writing a polite but firm letter might be your best bet, stating you are unhappy with the deductions, outlining in writing what you had agreed previously, and noting the vagueness of damage specified and lack of inventory.

        Is the deposit protected? When did your tenancy start?


          To be honest if its a specialist oven cleaning company, depending on the size of the oven, £50 aint half bad!

          With the shower it sounds like the L intended just to clean the silicone but had to replace when they realised that bleaching doesn't work. I would expect at the very least a phone call from the L to inform that the work is going to cost more.

          Based on getting contractors out (rather than L doing work himself) you need to take into account;

          * Cleaner going out to clean shower not being able to
          * Joiner/handyman type contractor then attending to remove and re-silicone the shower.

          Possibly still a little steep though!
          My views and posts are based on my opinion and any advice given is just that, advice. If you decide to act on any advice given it is with the full knowledge that I am not perfect and anything I say could be wrong!


            I would class staining to the silicone as fair wear and tear, personally. In any case, I have never seen any that won't come off with some elbow grease.

            I tend to clean ovens with a bleach/toothpaste mixture, twice as effective as Mr Muscle and a fraction of the price...


              Unfortunately we moved in before the deposit scheme started.

              Our tenancy started on the 7th of March 2007

              I’ve reviewed what he’s sent me, first off he’s got my address wrong probably human error but the house number is one out. It also says ‘damage to wall to make shower good’. It’s not clear but I assume this is for the first floor bathroom, where Shower that connects to the bath taps had been fitted, the damage must he must be claiming for is there 3 holes in the wall to attach the holder for the shower head.

              The silicone must have been for the 2nd bathroom, where the silicon was discolored by some red/pink color type shower gel we’d be using. It certainly wouldn’t require replacing.


                I'd just write the fellow a nice letter..


                  Sent a letter a few days after posting the thread.

                  Basically saying i was disappointed at the deductions, would like some more detail as to what work was done.

                  Also pointed out the invoiced didnt have the correct address for which we had rented.

                  We sent this via recorded delivery and was received by the landlord. So far we have not received any response at all.

                  I'm off work on Thursday so going to visit our local CAB to see what they suggest.

                  I'm at a loss with this and would just like a quick outcome, i doubt this is now possible, does anyone have any advice?


                    If your tenancy started in March 2007, your deposit should have been protected. If it wasn't, and if your LL couldn't produce the inventory, you should have a good case for claiming your whole deposit back (and three times the deposit if he didn't protect it as required).

                    It won't be quick, though.

                    For the ,I agree with Sorrel about the cleaning costs. However, silicone only costs about £5-10 a tube. I re-siliconed a big walk-in shower cubicle last week and it only used one tube.

                    Good luck.
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                    • Reply to Epc
                      by mariner
                      Not quite. The LL can apply to Court for Right of Access & ask Court to apply costs against T.
                      29-03-2020, 02:10 AM
                    • Epc
                      by lavy
                      Hi, Wondered if someone could clarify I have property with existing tenants in place long term and the epc has expired but was in force when they moved in . I am aware that it would need to be renewed if a new tenant was to move in . With the new rules coming into force soon must i get an epc done...
                      11-02-2020, 12:28 PM
                    • Reply to No EPC
                      by mariner
                      I think you need a valid EPC before the Property can be advertised for sale/rent, but not for an eviction.
                      29-03-2020, 01:30 AM
                    • No EPC
                      by Onepropertypeter
                      I have a single property which I have owned since 1998. I currently have had the same tennent for about 10 years. When she began the tennency there was no requirement to have an epc and I was unaware that I needed one! I have decided to sell the property as I am now 70 years old and want the capital....
                      28-03-2020, 16:16 PM
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                      by flyingfreehold
                      Not quite correct. If the tenant refuses upgrades, which is his/her right this is a ground to apply for exemption...
                      28-03-2020, 22:15 PM
                    • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
                      by AndrewDod
                      This is not likely to be valid or easy employed. It does not sound like a deed. What witnesses were there? How many witnesses and who were they? Do you have proof of ID for the Guarantor and witnesses?

                      But yes, they are most likely chancers using the law to try to diddle you.
                      28-03-2020, 21:15 PM
                    • Asking for 35% off rent
                      by Lillylisa
                      Hi. I am a fairly new landlord and I only own one property. About a month ago I reached out to my tenants asking if they were okay and if they wanted to get in contact with me please do. Three days later they contacted me to ask for a massive reduction in the rent asking for 35% off. I have no issues...
                      28-03-2020, 16:20 PM
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                      by Snorkerz
                      Then unfortunately, you will have difficulty enforcing the guarantee (unless your guarantor is named as a tenant or the tenancy agreement is executed as a deed). The reason for that is because

                      With your tenancy agreement
                      • You give the tenants a tenancy, they give you rent (consideration)
                      • Guarantor
                      28-03-2020, 21:13 PM
                    • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
                      by Lillylisa
                      Ps I’m unable to edit the original. Sorry so long winded. I have a visual impairment & have to use voice dictation. It’s awful!...
                      28-03-2020, 21:06 PM
                    • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
                      by Lillylisa
                      To be clear: the guarantor signed the contract which has a section called The Guarantor which clearly lays out his/her legal liabilities. In this case, he is liable for all the rent not just for his nephews. I’m sure they would not want this to fall to him. They have been very good tenants so far....
                      28-03-2020, 21:02 PM