Rent arrears owed by tenant on benefit

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  • Rent arrears owed by tenant on benefit

    Hi All

    I have a tenant who is £105 in arrears with her rent from last month she is on housing benefit for about 80% of the current rent i charge. And is trying to get back in a council house. The AST ends 30th August what is the correct way to tell her the AST will not be renewed and she has to move out.

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    You need to serve a section 21 CORRECTLY . But that will give her another 2 months unless she decides to move out at end of ast.


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      Serve a S.21 1(b) now and you should (but you might have to go to court as she's claiming housng benefit) be able to regain possession end September/early October - if you serve it during the fixed term it doesn't have to end at the end of a rental period i.e. 30th of the month, but two months after service, therefore don't enter a sepcific date on the Notice - just state "after expiry of 2 months from the date of service of this Notice" - Give yourself a couple of days or so leeway to allow for postage etc.
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