How to reclaim debt/damages - one tenant with no agreement, two with AST's

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    How to reclaim debt/damages - one tenant with no agreement, two with AST's

    I rent houses to students in Hull and thus far have been ridiculously trusting with LA doing the majority of the 'work''s been a disaster. Have changed agents and taken on a lot more work myself and we're getting there, but still a lot to sort out.

    In one house, three students were supposed to be living there, their contracts ended in July, but a week or so before they 'did a runner', leaving debts of £2000+, bills of around £1000 (bill is in my name as the bills are inclusive, but capped per person - they've used an insane amount of gas and electricity) and damage amounting to around £500...

    I managed to track down one lad who I believed to be a tenant, and found out that he moved out in January and told the previous letting agent, who said fine... He was then replaced by another chap but the current letting agent didn't know it wasn't him (aargh!), so he had no agreement.

    So, all three have run off... I was looking into trace and collect services, as I don't have much info on them (previous letting agent took NO details eg previous address, parents address etc), however, could I legally collect money from tenant number three who had no AST?? Or would his portion of the rent be payable by the other two if they'd invited him to stay? I have more information about him (previous address and vehicle registration doc) so I feel I may have a better chance of him being tracked down... With the others, one may have left the country but the other is still at Hull Univ so I do have hopes of finding him, although I'm told there's little they can do, due to data protection...

    Any thoughts gratefully received...


    I think you need the advice of someone a lot more legally minded than myself but....

    I believe that even though there wasn't a wirtten AST, because the new tenants have been paying rent, and it has been accepted an AST has been created on those terms. Quite what those terms are and how you could enforce them may be the catch.

    Would be interested to hear other replies.

    Kind regards,



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