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    Originally posted by MaverickPropertyManagemen View Post
    Can't they just use cordless phones, which plug into the electrical sockets!?

    I must agree that it would of been an absolutely amazing check out if an unworking phone socket was picked up! I know I wouldn't check the phone sockets.

    Kind regards,

    Yes I would agree it would have to be absolutely amazing check out and very hard to be picked upon.

    But i thought the question was who is responsable?

    Yes the tenant should not have put it in the first place so is at fault there. But when ever a tenant makes alterations and or damage it has to be picked up on check out and charged to the tenant. So if an inventory didnt have a extention in the room concerned and the inventory clerk never noticed one was fitted (regardless if it worked or noy) surely if you want to lay blame it has to be there.

    Having said that I would not have noticed it myself.


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