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  • Tenant has re entered

    I have a ground floor shop which has been rented out on a 5 year assignment. The tenant has stopped paying the rent since June when i issued a section 25 notice to end the tenancy. i instructed Bailiffs to forfiet the lease 10 days ago by changing the locks. However the tenant has re entered the shop by getting the locks opened. i now have a £750 Bailiff bill and a ex-tenant who has rentered the shop and trading again. I took some legal advice and obtained form N5 from the county court as well as N130. what are my options and chances of taking the case myself to court. please advise me.

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    This site is geared to residential letting - business tenancies are a little more complicated and certainly beyond my own expertise.

    It is recommended that you seek the services of a good solicitor specialising in business tenancy law lest someone on here tries a good intentioned ham-fisted advice approach not knowing what they are doing!


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      Go to the forums home page and select 'commercial questions'.


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