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    somebody mentioned that there is a scheme where the home office let you house from you for a fixed term ,to house assylum seekers etc,does anybody have any info on this please.
    does anybody have a copy of the current housing act with ref to AST please or indeed know where i can obtain such?

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    Originally posted by walter baggie
    does anybody have a copy of the current housing act with ref to AST please or indeed know where i can obtain such?

    Housing Act 1988 (+ 1996)

    Some further info

    Protection From Eviction Act

    Landlord and Tenant Act 1985

    Gas Safety 1998

    UTCCR 1999


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      And although it doesnt directly answer your question about the home office, here is some info about local authorities:

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        housing for asylum seekers

        The National Asylum Support Service support the housing (amongst other things) of asylum seekers.
        NASS do this by contracting 'Service Providers' in a geographical area - there were 4 (excluding the Local Authority itself) in W. Yorks.
        They differ from area to area.

        Each Service Provider sources housing from various agencies or individuals and manages the properties and occupants.

        Current housing standards (including HMO standards) have to be complied with in each property. Houses have still to be fit for habitation.
        An HMO is still an HMO whether or not it houses asylum seekers - if they are not a single household - will need fire precautions etc. etc.
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          My first let was to a local authority for this purpose, it was let furnished but when I took it back all the furniture had been replaced with very old stuff. The property was undamaged but the LA told me that I was lucky, 50% are trashed. Never again, risks like that I can't afford.


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