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  • Another S21 question

    When my Dad was alive, he was giving a notice from the council to bring a flat up to date, i.e. new window's, kitchen, bathroom etc. but he was given a little breathing space because of his health. Now that he has gone, the council say I have to carry the work out. The tenany has finished and I issued a S 21 to the tenants because I cant do the work with them in there. The S21 ends tomorrow (14th Nov) and the people dealing with the rehousing say they have nowhere to put my tenants at the moment. I have been advised to go to court to get them out, but im not entirely sure how to go about it all. Can someone please shed some light on this for me.

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    Once it expires go for accelerated procedure to gain access......this is documented enough on this forum, just search for it.
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