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    Does anyone know of somewhere I can get a tenancy agreement which is suitable for student lets or does anyone just use a normal one? Is there anything extra that needs to be put on an agreement for students?
    Many thanks for any advice

    Leaving aside lettings by Universities etc., to which special rules apply, private lettings to students can use usual AST format. However:
    a. these are much less reliable tenants than a two-parent family unit;
    b. students have a habit of flitting or introducing unexpected additional residents, so L needs to monitor closely by whom the property is actually occupied;
    c. L cannot let to > four people on one Letting Agreement, so people 5+ need separate documentation;
    d. L should explicitly make T liable for all Council Tax (or, if still a student, for providing L with University's Cert. of student status so as lawfully to avoid incidence of CT); and
    e. L can decide that a UK-national student living away from home is unlikely to want to stay in Uni a moment longer than end of final exam each year, so L could grant an SAT [without benefit of s.21, of course] in reasonable confidence of vacant possession at term end.
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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