T's boyfriend paid deposit- can he recover it from L?

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    T's boyfriend paid deposit- can he recover it from L?

    I need some information on how i am covered legally getting my deposit back from the landlord.

    I recently agreed to move in with my girlfriend and we found a one bedroom flat and put down a deposit. My share was about £500. However she is the only one named on the Tenancy agreement.

    I have had a change of heart and decided i no longer want to live with her, she was obviously did not take this news too well and is now being a bit nasty saying she will not give me my deposit back etc.

    I called the landlord and explained what has happend, he phoned my ex girlfriend to verify the story, not sure exactly what they said to each other, but he told me i can only receive back around £350 since he has had to re advertise the flat!!!

    It is through a private landlord not an agent. I do not currently have a copy of any of the paperwork.

    Could someone please let me know my legal rights as to obtaining my full deposit back either from the landlord or the ex girlfriend.

    I would ideally like to write a letter stating the legislation and applicable Act if i am covered by law.

    I am more than happy to take either one of them to small claims court if i can as i desperately need this deposit for a new place and to live!

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Legally, L does not have to pay anything back to you. You're not T.
    The dispute is therefore between you and GF. She is T; she paid the combined deposit.
    Why did you not have anything formal drawn up to protect yourself and your £££? It's a bit late now.
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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