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    Misleading Contract

    I was given a draft contract to sign that had the heading "break clause" in but no details. I'm not an expert so didn't know it was supposed to go into detail and just thought it would be a standard 6 months with one month notice. Myself and my Mum who is guarantor both agreed the wording of the draft contract so the official contract was drawn up and sent to my mum to be signed before I went to sign it on moving day.

    I now need to leave the 12 month tennancy early and am only in the 3rd month but turns out the break clasue heading was removed by the agents before giving us the one to sign, without them informing us.

    Do I have any rights as this was very sneeky of them?

    They are now saying that the break clause heading in the draft contract was a typing error!!!

    Please help

    If you never agreed any text re break clause, such clause's absence is hardly misleading. No-one removed anything surreptitiously!
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