Using deposit as final month's rent?

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    Using deposit as final month's rent?

    Hello I would really appreaciate any advice here.

    I know its wrong to not pay the last months rent but I have no realistic expectation of gettin my deposit back.

    A fellow tennant moved out at the end of May and is still waiting to get her deposit back. She has attempted to contact the LL but has had all her calls and emails ignored.

    The LL is basically brassic and has not put our deposits in one of the tenancy deposit schemes they are supposed to use. She is waiting for someone to take over the room to get their deposit and then pass that on, however is having problems letting the room.

    I think I would be stupid to pay the last months rent, what would you advise? Could the LL take me to court?

    Re - the contract - I have never recieved one. I have also been paying for services included in the rent (broadband) that have been cut off.

    Any advice greatfully recieved!

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