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    DPS Deposit Submission Problem

    Hi folks,

    I have just used the DPS to protect a deposit for the first time and seem to be having a bit of a problem with the system.

    My tenant comenced their tenancy on Thursday 26th June and I supposedly successfully paid the deposit into the DPS on the same day using a debit card. A screen was displayed by the DPS site saying my payment was completed and my deposit has been submitted succesfully (I have a print to prove it, if necessary). However, 48 hours later, the deposit is still shown as PENDING FUNDS CLEARANCE on the DPS website and the deposit has not left my bank account.

    Is anyone else experiencing similar problems - is it just that a debit card payment takes a few days to clear?

    The DPS state in their Terms & Conditions (12a), that they will notify the Tenant and Landlord about the securing of the deposit, once funds have been cleared and the deposit activated.

    I have emailed and written to DPS, but not received a reply as yet, so I am concerned that I may fall foul of the 14 day legal requirement if DPS do not sort out the situation, activate the deposit and notify the tenant within that timescale. Is there anything I can do to protect me from any legal fall out from this ? I was thinking of sending the tenant copies of the 'submitted successfully' print, letters and emails to DPS, plus DPS's terms and conditions, which would at least show I have attempted to comply with the law, but extraneous circumstances are preventing the tenant getting their official notification. I am obviously unable to provide all the legally required information, such as how to retrieve the deposit, as that is not yet generated by DPS.

    Hopefully, DPS will sort this out within the 14 days, but just in case ....

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


    That is normal it usually takes a few days to reach the account until then it will say funds pending clearance, you will recieve an email to say it has cleared and the account will then say active.
    They are not the quickest. I have been using them for over a year.


      Thanks, Katrina.

      It has gone active today - panic over!


        Panic beginning to set in again!

        It is now 13 days since I paid in the deposit to the DPS and I haven't received the Landlord confirmation in writing, as per their condition 12. Presumably my tenant hasn't received theirs either. Unfortunately, their terms and conditions don't state that they will do this within the 14 days a landlord has to notify the tenant in!

        How do I stand if DPS haven't provided the tenant with the legally required information within the required 14 days?

        Would providing a screen shot from DPS site showing I had successfully submitted the deposit, plus a copy of DPS's terms and conditions, be sufficient to comply with the law? I am obviously unable to provide all the legally required information, such as Tenants Repayment ID, as that is generated by DPS and confidential to the tenant.


          Thanks, Wickerman (and Swinefever for the form). That search proved useful!


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