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    Getting full deposit back


    After 3 years at a private property (manage by a letting agent across the road) - on 12th April I moved house. I tidied and scrubbed the flat to better than how it looked before I arrived, and handed the keys to the agents. I was told I'd be contact when they had inspected it. After a few days of hearing nothing, I phoned them up, and was told that the flat was fine and would be getting my deposit back (1 month) and that it would be mailed to me. After over 2 months (with me phoning every couple of weeks to ask where my money was yet, getting back various excuses) I finally got my cheque dated the end of may; but its £25 less than my deposit. From what I've got back from them so far its an "admin fee". I don't remember this being on the contract (and I don't have a copy) and did not get a receipt either; it's just been deducted from the cheque.

    Having been told by them that I left the flat in satisfactory condition, do they have any rights to deduct any money from that deposit? It's been a ridiculously long process to get the cheque in the first place, and it's only £25, but out of pure principle if they can't get away with it I don't want them to!


    Would it be a check out fee? Some Agencies charge this. Ask to see the terms and conditions that you signed at the start (not the tenancy agreement)


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