Can landlord serve annual s.21 Notices routinely?

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    Originally posted by TheFoxTrust View Post
    good luck with that , if you find him tell him its nearly four months and counting
    Out of interest, how far along you are with getting rid of this tenant, and how would you have done things differently had you issued an S21 at the start of the tenancy?


      okay he told me in the car park!!! a few days after hes rent was due that he had some medical difficulties and couldn't drive to the bank, he would be about a week or so late he also said he would be going away, I asked if the rent would be paid before he went he assured me it would, He managed to overcome these difficulties 4 days later when he drove out the car park to work away.
      (Now its not uncommon for this guy to be a week or so late and when he has given us cheques that don't clear they clear when they're put through again,
      so basically the guys not an easy payer and its sort of become routine, but he always makes good in the end so we've become used to him.)

      He went away rent not paid came back weeks later, Hubby went round to see what he was planning to do, He said he would pay but he'd just changed jobs.

      By now I'm starting to get peed off as rent for month 2 is looming I started researching eviction options and put together an S21 which I filled in (please tell me its right), I posted it on 27/04/08 dating it for possession after 6/7/08 rent due on 7th monthly,

      Then thought for good measure I'd whack in aS8 seeing as he was in arrears,
      so a week or so after he got S21 he told a neighbour he was looking for a new place and he would be gone by 6 July!!!!
      haven't seen him for a month, hes a long haul driver working in France now(apparently) the number that I and some of the other tenants have for him is not answering, so that's where we are, I was going to go with the S8 but he would just as likely turn up at court with some money, so I guess I just have to wait till 6 July, so far we have apr/may/jun unpaid

      I have been told that I can get him out also using a sec55 of CPR, of which I know less than nothing so I figure the fail safe is a 21

      Its just one of those things and were are lucky that we have not had to do this in the past.


        Sorry RE S21 at start I would have been able to get accelerated possesion going an awful lot sooner.


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