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    Tenancy Extension... or not?

    I rented my flat on a fairly standard 1 year AST.

    When it came around to renewal time, the Letting Agent sent a letter offering two options: renew or vacate. The first option was presented as follows:
    If you would like to remain in your home and extend the Tenany for a further 12 months please confirm your wishes [and we will] approach your Landlord. On acceptance we will then prepare legal documentation whereupon a fee of £58.75 including VAT will be due.
    The attached form offered a 6/12 month extension, and included an option for a "release clause" providing a one month / two month notice period for T / LL respectively.

    I was a little peeved to be apparently asked to pay for equivalent terms to a Statutory Period Tenancy, with the expectation of repeating the payment next year. I talked to the Landlord, and explained that I would happily stay on without signing any further agreement, under an SPT. He agreed, I ignored the agent's letters, and I'm still here 7 months later.

    This week, the agent has sent me another letter, enclosing the agreement that I might have chosen to sign last November. They have stated that if the agreement (backdated to last year) is not signed and returned by their stated deadline, the Tenancy will (surprise!) automatically become an SPT. (What, again?!)

    They also demanded payment for the £58.75.

    I never made any request to extend the tenancy -- I haven't even contacted the agent since I rented the property. The clause from my agreement with the agency is reproduced below:
    Should my tenancy be extended there will be a further administration charge of £50 plus VAT.
    I know I'm being a tad tight-fisted here (even letting agents have to eat), so I might be prepared to allow them to withhold the money from my deposit come the end of the tenancy. However, my question is:

    Am I legally obliged to cough up?

    As far as I know the agent can't unilaterally withold money from your deposit anyway. Have you talked to your landlord about this? Presumably he's being billed as well: do you know if he's paying up?


      Originally posted by Ericthelobster View Post
      As far as I know the agent can't unilaterally withold money from your deposit anyway. Have you talked to your landlord about this? Presumably he's being billed as well: do you know if he's paying up?
      I kept my Landlord in the loop; I have a good business relationship with him, and I didn't want him alarmed by any letters sent by the agent. He said he would like to rent to me directly, but feared legal action from the agent. I imagine his agreement creams off 10% rent whilst I remain in the property, and I believe he paid up.

      The agreement does state that:
      The Security Deposit [lodged with the agent] will be returned [ASAP] less any amounts due to the LL and any amounts due to [the agent] to cover their costs in event [sic] of my breaching the terms and conditions of the Tenancy Agreement.
      I imagine this might be the clause they'd use to get their money. As a minor complication, however, they protected the deposit a few weeks after the last renewal date passed -- presumably to cover themselves. Their recent letter suggests they might unprotect it if no signed agreement is forthcoming (!).


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        It is not clear yet what is going to happen with evictions. The ban may be extended till the end of the year. It is becoming almost impossible to evict a tenant. The government will make a decision shortly....
        29-05-2020, 20:24 PM
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        My tenant was struggling to pay rent, they wanted to move to council house. And asked me to serve notice.
        I served them the section 21 Notice on 28Apr2020 and gave them 4 months to vacate the property on 31-Aug

        Since then the tenant says he doesn't want to move out...
        28-05-2020, 13:18 PM
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        by MdeB
        Yes for S8G8, but for the discretionary grounds it is for the LL to persuade the judge....
        29-05-2020, 19:56 PM
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        by Stew
        I understand you are upset but chase the person named on the lease, if they are together still it will impact the both of them so chasing for the CCJ on the named tenant will still impact the one not named as it will carry forward with them if they don't pay right away and when they try and rent again...
        29-05-2020, 18:55 PM
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        by MadLL
        Apologies if I have posted this before, but I cannot find my original post, if I did indeed post!
        I rented my property to a tenant. I knew at the start of the tenancy that the partner planned to move in at a later date, although the tenant denied the partner ever moved in as I expect they did...
        29-05-2020, 17:30 PM
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        by Perce

        I agree and this is a problem. Very difficult to find someone you can trust that they would do a good job.

        It looks like one has to become a solicitor first to be able to deal with solicitors. Solicitors forget half of the things you tell them, make errors, expect...
        29-05-2020, 18:52 PM
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        The tenant just told me he can't pay not even half and didn't apply for benefit probably doesn't know how to. He said I can call Police. What to do now? I know the government back people like him....
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        by Hudson01
        I can not see you getting anywhere with the ex tenants partner but i totally agree you should chase the non paying tenant until the end of time, its is the previous landlords in not going after the arrears which then caused your tenant to be able to not pay you...... somewhere a stand has to be mad...
        29-05-2020, 18:38 PM
      • Reply to Aiming to get a CCJ on ex tenant
        by Perce
        Send your ex tenant a 14 days pre action letter first....
        29-05-2020, 18:33 PM
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        by Perce
        The tenant should move to a cheaper accommodation which he can afford....
        29-05-2020, 18:31 PM