My landlord's in mortgage arrears- do I face eviction?

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  • My landlord's in mortgage arrears- do I face eviction?

    hi, everyone here,
    i need some legal help about my situation,
    i am currently renting a proeprty, i recieved a notice of eviction letter from the court, because the landlord she didn't pay off the mortgage, and i had spoken to her, and she said she will sort it out, but i still worry about this eviction, what if she coudn't afford to pay off the mortgage, will I be evicted by the court? my tenancy agreement still got 8 months to go, is it still legal? and i really didn't expect to move and i don't want to move, i think this is really unfair, what legal action can i do?

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  • Reply to Leaving my letting agents as a landlord .
    by decoration720
    The Agents today have advised my tenants of the coming change plus my bank details to start paying their rent from July so hopefully parting on good terms .
    19-05-2022, 20:55 PM
  • Leaving my letting agents as a landlord .
    by decoration720
    Leaving my letting agents after 6 years I will now handle everthing letting .Question with the 5 tenants original contracts all now lapsed and rolling will I need to give them new contracts on leaving the letting Agent who worked on my behalf . My thought is if the tenants are happy with the present...
    17-05-2022, 12:49 PM
  • Reply to Section 21 During Contract Period
    by matt001
    Ok, thanks for your answers.
    So do you reckon I should be able to give my notice at the end of the contract (09.06.2022) and after that still have an additional month to move out ?

    Regarding reason for the move out is that the owner wants to sell the property.
    19-05-2022, 20:43 PM
  • Section 21 During Contract Period
    by matt001

    On 09.12.2021 I moved in to a flat and signed 6 months contract.
    Then on 08.04.2022 I have been served section 21 notice by the letter trough the mailbox...

    I have started reading about this and found in the web that agency cannot issue section 21 notice until...
    18-05-2022, 13:31 PM
  • Reply to Is my estate agent misleading me?
    by abimsalabim
    Apart from the check-in and check-out inventory reports (which I have), what else can I use as evidence that the property was in good condition? Is there any other strong evidence?...
    19-05-2022, 20:41 PM
  • Is my estate agent misleading me?
    by abimsalabim
    I am a Landlord and I have a company tenancy which has now come to an end. I did a check-in inventory before the tenant moved in and I have done a check-out inventory now that they have moved out, and there are damages to my property by the tenant. The deposit is being held by the agent and is not in...
    18-05-2022, 14:15 PM
  • Reply to Recover Rent arrears
    by theartfullodger
    HOW did YOU terminate the tenancy nplease? IIRC Thatcher's 1988 Housing Act 1988 s5(1) says landlord can only do with court order, bailiffs.

    Or was there done sort of surrender?

    Good luck!...
    19-05-2022, 19:59 PM
  • Recover Rent arrears
    by sunny2036

    I recently terminated the HMO contract when there was a rent arrear of £1500. We made an agreement, tenants will pay £500 per month. Now 3 months have passed, they haven't paid any arrears and now they don't answer my call or reply to any SMS or emails. What is the best way to recover...
    19-05-2022, 13:19 PM
  • Reply to Single parent renting
    by mokka
    It’s a business at the end of the day and not the social services department. As coy and nasty as that sound sit is what it is....
    19-05-2022, 19:41 PM
  • Single parent renting
    by Dct
    A friend of mine who is a single parent with three children is trying to find a house to rent. She has three children and recieves UC mainly to help with childcare costs, but despite viewing several houses and showing interest and showing she is more than able to pay rent, she has been turned down and...
    18-05-2022, 16:32 PM