No lease (brother) and not paying! Help.

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  • No lease (brother) and not paying! Help.

    Hi there –

    I live in New Hampshire and my husband and I own a 3-family home. A few months ago one of our good tenants took a transfer with her work and moved. My husband’s brother found out we had a vacancy coming and was interested in renting from us. He promised us he’d be a good tenant, not let the family/landlord/tenant thing get in the way and of course, pay his rent. Our 3rd floor apartment is being renovated and his brother is a plumber, so my husband offered him 2 months “rent free” if he’d help renovate. He moved in this August and would have started paying rent in October. We gave him a monthly rental agreement to sign and return, which he now refuses to sign. It’s been 2 months and we’re no where near completing the 3rd floor renovations. He has only paid $200 towards October’s $900 rent and we’re now in November. I’m very concerned that we have a serious problem on our hand. What rights do we have since he hasn’t signed any agreement to reside in our apartment? Can he legally be evicted if there isn’t any agreement in place? Thank you, Sue.

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    Originally posted by nhlandlord
    I live in New Hampshire...
    Bzzzt! Wrong continent!

    This is a UK site, where I'm sure the relevant laws will be differ from those on your side of the pond.


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