Letting Agency V Landlord. Landlords right to decide what repairs are carried out.

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    Letting Agency V Landlord. Landlords right to decide what repairs are carried out.

    I'm glad I've found this forum as I'm in need of advice.

    I'm a landlord and have rented my property through an agency(can I mention names?) for seven years. The current tenants are due to vacate the property on 20 July and new tenants are due in on 1 August. The letting agency feel that as the carpets are twenty years old they should be replaced and I asked for a quotation. I've asked to visit the vacated property on 21 July. Once empty I can check if there any hidden rips in the carpet which means they'd have to be replaced. When I last inspected the property they looked in good condition but could be professionally cleaned. I also want to take room measurements so I can contact a local carpet fitter for a independent quote.

    I told the agents of my intentions and they haven't come back to me. I'd like know to what my rights are? Can I request entry to the property once it's vacated? Does an agent employee have to present as they are during property inspections.

    In the meantime, I've learned the new tennants responded to an advert in Right Move. It says that new
    carpets will be fitted prior to occupation. When I told the agents I'd yet to agree to this, they replied that because I asked for a quotation they assumed I was going to agree to their contractor installing new carpets. I wouldn't trust the agents in-house contractor as the work he did on the kitchen floor was poor.

    I'd like to know am I being stubborn in this matter and accept the letting agent's advice? I feel that I'm being bounced into having the carpets fitted and that it's my right to inspect them and make my own decision.

    I hope this makes sense and I'd be so grateful for any advice you can give me?

    The key word is "agent". They are your servant......

    If they do things you did not ask them to do,. suggest you fire them


      Welcome to LLZ.

      Will depend also on what the agreement between Landlord & agent states, plus if this is a rent-to-rent scheme/scam.

      How long you been a landlord Melanie??
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        The property is yours not the agents, they work for you, therefore you can enter your own property when it is vacant.

        The carpets are your decision, but it may be a selling point if new carpets are placed especially after 20 years, and you may get a slightly higher rent, you should also check other's adverts so you can compare your property, as the quicker it rents out the better.


          Of course you can go into your property when it is empty; of course you don't have to do what you argent says but really - after 20 years you need to replace the carpets!

          If you don't get this booked in well in advance of your tenants leaving I can't imagine you will get them fitted before new tenants move in.

          Sounds to me like you should let your agent crack on!


            As said, this is YOUR property, and they work for YOU..... do not ask them, tell them you are visiting the property and after the inspection you will make a decision, but they should do NOTHING until you come back to them with confirmation of any work you want them to do..... personally i think you would find better and cheaper if you got the carpets replaced yourself, and given they are 20 years old it may be a good time to change them.

            Do not let them bully you, if they have provided poor tradespeople in the past then be very wary and i would consider getting rid of them if they started to step out of line again, the tail does not wag the dog !


              If your area is anything like mine you won't find someone to replace them within 10 days. If there won't be new carpets you need to make sure the tenants know before they sign.


                I read somewhere on here that the average expected life of a carpet in a rental property is 8 years. Maybe reflect on that one.

                Freedom at the point of zero............


                  Is this rent to rent? Have you rented the property to the agent? If so then this might be a good time to review that decision.


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