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    Using DPS Dispute Resolution

    The is the first time a tenant I have has moved out so never done anything with regards to returning a deposit before. The claim has gone into dispute which I'm absolutely fine with because they have made an absolute mess (damaged doors, kitchen units, plaster off the walls etc etc) so in terms of the evidence then it is all in my favour.

    I guess the question I'm asking is has anyone used this before and what advice would you give in collating/providing the evidence?


    Each scheme works slightly differently, I use DPS, and they are slow to say the least, you need to obtain all your quotes or costs and your check in and check out reports, you will only get one opportunity to provide your costs, and you can not keep adding to it once you've submitted it.


      The check in / out inventory describing the damage.
      For each item of damage, show the damage, the loss you're claiming and the basis of the claim value (I use the same formula each time).
      Sometimes photos help and sometimes not.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        1. Read the DPS Terms & Conditions as well as all the guidance they provide, and follow that to the letter.
        2. Assume you will get inconsistent and unhelpful ‘advice’ from the ‘customer service’ team
        3. DPS will pay out on agreed items to the tenants leaving only the amount in dispute outstanding.
        4. Tenants don’t have to submit evidence to support their case and the burden of proof is on the LL, so all the works falls on you and there is no incentive whatsoever on the T to settle and save you the work, so they can be as difficult as they like and waste bucketloads of your time, no matter how good a LL you were, how good your evidence and how legitimate your claim.
        5. Do not assume DPS will reply to your emails within 5 biz days as promised, if at all, nor will they update the system, so you may be in complete limbo as to the current status of your claim - even when you think you’ve settled and told them as much, their delay could prejudice your position.

        Honestly, unless you’re talking a decent amount of money, I would not bother with the pain of a claim. If you can suck up a small loss to induce the tenant to to settle, do it. If you do settle with your tenant, ensure you provide DPS with mirror emails so they can cross reference them. DPS could do it by applying logic but won’t, so make it doubly explicit and get the tenant to do the same, or you could be stuffed and the money paid out to the tenant in default.

        Just been through this. Much stress and many hours of my life I will never get back.


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        • Reply to Dps deposit
          by DoricPixie
          When you protected the deposit you should have issued the prescribed notice to the tenants, did you do that?...
          08-08-2022, 23:31 PM
        • Dps deposit
          by Jm1972
          Hi All,

          i would be grateful if I could get some help please.

          I got an estate agents to find me a tenant and do all the paperwork and get proof of service for everything, tenant moved in and paid deposit just over a week ago.

          The estate agents took the deposit from...
          08-08-2022, 22:40 PM
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          by DoricPixie
          I do but as I don’t own a car in the UK the only thing the DVLA has ever posted to me was my driving licence when I renewed it last year. I then had the virtual post box physically post the licence to me parents’ house so I could collect it when I was back for Christmas.

          This perhaps...
          08-08-2022, 23:23 PM
        • Asking tenants in your rental property to receive your personal mail?
          by Trooper149
          Hey guys

          Small one here in case anyone has had experience with this. About to purchase a place and want it to serve a few roles:
          -obviously rent out the rooms to generate some cash
          -serve as my personal address for bank, hmrc, dvla, etc.

          In practice I would not...
          07-08-2022, 14:51 PM
        • Reply to Can I serve Section 21 Notice?
          by DoricPixie
          The Nearly Legal flow chart also covers EPC and How to Rent Guide as well as everything else to ensure the Section 21 notice is valid.

          08-08-2022, 23:19 PM
        • Can I serve Section 21 Notice?
          by Rubz2009
          Hi was hoping for some advise.
          I have tentants in my property on a AST agreement which started in 2013 and has been rolling to date. Tenants are behind on their rent by a couple of months (during covid times which they believe they still do not need to pay) and also always late on monthly payments...
          08-08-2022, 18:49 PM
        • Reply to Can I serve Section 21 Notice?
          by Rubz2009
          Thanks ash72, that gives some reassurance and understood that I would need to get possession from court for tenants to actually leave (if they don't willingly). I have 2 more final questions if you or anyone can kindly advise on.

          1. The tenant's do not and have not understood the difference...
          08-08-2022, 23:01 PM
        • Reply to S8 Court Hearing
          by ash72
          On what grounds is the possession based on? If it is rent arrears you will need to have your bank statements to show If asked that the money hasn't come into your account, as well as the statements send of the arrears (ideally on a periodic basis). You should also ensure you have enough copies of any...
          08-08-2022, 21:59 PM
        • S8 Court Hearing
          by Steampigs
          Hi All

          I have a hearing scheduled to evict my tenant using a Section 8 notice.

          I have lodged my claim online (PCOL), but what other documents will I require?
          I assume:-
          Tenancy Agreement
          S8 and Certificate of Service
          Updated amount of arrears
          08-08-2022, 21:27 PM
        • Reply to Can I serve Section 21 Notice?
          by ash72
          Serving a notice (S21 or S8) does not mean the T's will leave when the date on the notice expires, only the courts can do this. The only advantage is the notice is shorter with a S8 then a S21, but a S21 if it is valid, the courts would have to grant possession, while a S8 they do not have to.
          08-08-2022, 21:51 PM