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    Right to Rent documents for UK citizen

    Can anyone point me at a list of acceptable documents to prove a UK citizen has the right to rent in the UK? I usually ask for a passport but they don't have one.

    Driving licence and birth certificate. There's a list in Annex A in the document below.





        Alternatively you could ask the potential T for their "Share Code"


          They're British and I think the share code applies to migrant workers? The government guff has plenty on foreigners but if the UK stuff is there I couldn't find it. Thanks DoricPixie, that's the list I was looking for.


            I personally have no training which enables me to distinguish a British passport, from a fake passport from a fried chicken advertisement.

            Given the antics of Mr Gove, probably best to avoid British Nationals as tenants anyway.


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            • Reply to Wanting a way Out. Need help!
              by JK0
              We have one or two inexperienced landlords here who are always wiping their tenants' bums.

              Find a self-reliant minority in your area (here it's Romanians) and try to get their friends to take your properties as they fall vacant. I rarely hear from my tenants.
              17-08-2022, 22:29 PM
            • Wanting a way Out. Need help!
              by crutherford
              Well I know this is a UK forum, but it is a popular one. So I thought I'd see if there's any advice here for a small landlord.
              I'm in the U.S. I have worked all my life, saved my money, and spent the last 15 years of my working career 'contracting' or working temp jobs, which always ended up in...
              17-08-2022, 03:55 AM
            • Reply to Order for possession Q
              by shoobydoo
              small question, but if the possession order says tenant must leave "before" 30/8, can OP not start arranging bailiffs on 30/8?...
              17-08-2022, 19:58 PM
            • Order for possession Q
              by patrick27
              Hello everybody, I received a order for possession (accelerated procedure) it says my tenant should leave my property before 30/8. The tenant already had an opportunity to file a defence and request a hearing but didn’t.

              So my question is, am I plain sailing now? Or could they yet still...
              17-08-2022, 14:23 PM
            • Reply to Wanting a way Out. Need help!
              by shoobydoo
              Oh dear, you do seem to be in a pickle.

              Firstly, are you being selective enough when choosing your tenants or just choosing anyone so as to avoid void periods? Bit concerning that all 5 families are high maintenance, and that tenants are regularly "bolting".

              17-08-2022, 19:44 PM
            • Reply to £500,000 of taxes spent - another anti L/l move
              by gnvqsos

              I think you will discover that many benefit recipients are exceptional money managers-after all the blind ,disabled and retired are practised at the art and have years of experience. You seem well-acquainted with this socio-economic group-are you a social researcher or a mere saloon...
              17-08-2022, 18:29 PM
            • £500,000 of taxes spent - another anti L/l move
              by steaming
              Social housing tenants will be able to get training and support to speak up and complain about issues with their landlord, the government has announced. 

              A £500,000 grant to provide training, boost confidence and offer toolkits for residents on a range of social housing issues has now...
              17-08-2022, 15:01 PM
            • Reply to £500,000 of taxes spent - another anti L/l move
              by ash72
              Those T's who claim benefits, were empowered when UC came about, making them responsible for the money the government gave them to use how they wanted, some misused this as they weren't equipped on their responsibilities on paying LL's on time, etc, and spent the money on whatever they wanted to. They...
              17-08-2022, 17:50 PM
            • Reply to Council tenants still not able to move out after two months is due
              by jpkeates
              Being practical, the chances of a letting agent serving a valid section 21 notice are quite slim.
              But, on 1st September you can, in theory, apply to a court for a possession order.
              If the section 21 notice is valid, there isn't any defence.

              You're right about the 42 days - but...
              17-08-2022, 17:43 PM
            • Council tenants still not able to move out after two months is due
              by freezing_sy
              Basically council still have not found them the next house. I'm so desperate and need them go. What can I do please? They are foster family, apparently very volunerable as people may think. But they terribly damaged my house, they have also cancelled UC direct payment. I need them go......
              16-08-2022, 21:11 PM