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    Adapting property for disability

    Slightly unusual situation here .. I've had the same tenant for about 6 years now, with no real issues. Within the last two years she's put on so much weight that she is now saying she cannot get into the bath and is asking for it to be replaced with a large shower instead. She's pretty much made herself disabled by the amount of weight and never goes out of the flat now as she finds even a small step difficult.

    Just wondering as a landlord what I'm obliged to do here .. i don't think she is actually registered disabled but can't move much, so has technically become that way. Am I obliged to make changes to the flat to cater for this? Wondering also if there's any disability grants for making adaptations and if this would qualify. Has anyone else had a similar situation to deal with?

    First of all, someone who has health or weight issues isn't "disabled".

    You don't have to make any adaptions for someone who is actually disabled.
    So there's no requirement to do anything for someone who isn't.

    Whether it's a good idea or not doesn't depend on what you have to do.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      No, your not obliged to make any changes if you don't wish to, as the property was given on the bases on having a bath, if the T now does not require a bath but a shower unit, then they either need to find alternative accommodation or you can make the changes (I would check the market your property is in, to see if showers are what the demand is or a bath depending on the types of T's).

      You or your T would not be able to obtain any grants if the T is not classified as disabled.


        No you are not obliged to make adaptations (or even obliged to allow them).

        Yes there are grants etc. for adaptations but she has to apply for them not you.
        (including the cost of a wetroom in some cases - but it"s more likely to be steps/aids to get in and out of the bath, bath seat, etc).

        Council Welfate Team/Social Services team will assess if she needs anything and pay, as long as they also have your consent to fit anything permenant needed, grabrails and so on.

        You need to make it clear, put it in writing, that it's not your equipment and your are not liable for any maintenance, repairs or replacement of the adaptations once fitted.

        Once in they stay there, evem if/when she has gone they are not going to take them back.


          Given what you say about her she may not be your tenant for much longer anyway !! If your property is a family house then i would be inclinded NOT to change the bath for a shower, if its a flat etc then it is a possibility..... but i would want a contribution from her given it's her enthusiastic appitite for Cakes etc that has caused this issue.


            I had two tenants who were large and could not fit into bath individually. Without my consent they fitted a portable shower in an unused bedroom. When they moved out they failed to cap off copper tails, and I had two indoor fountains-the good old days. Fat buzzards.


              I am presently buying a very nice apartment with a large walk-in shower, but it's on the first floor with its own access stairs. Reading the above I wondered if local authorities would be looking out for this type of accommodation for disabled persons. It would only need a stairlift fitted and I would have thought that it would make ideal accommodation for a less abled person. Has anyone had any experience of this type of property/situation. I may add the apartment is in a very desirable village location.


                I'm sure the local authority would be delighted to put a tenant in there for you, but they might not be the kind of tenant you'd like. I suggest you don't go via the local authority route and just advertise it as you would normally.

                Also your LHA rate might not cover the rent for a very nice apartment.



                  Take the advice of ' Berlingogirl', you may have one idea of what a vulnerable disabled person looks like and acts........ the reality is a whole lot different. DO NOT DO IT.



                    Thanks for the response I will avoid.


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